Message from Ambassador Brita Wagener


Dear reader,

Welcome to the website of the German Embassy in Addis Ababa!

Germany and Ethiopia look back on a long and successful cooperation. In more than 100 years since the conclusion of the German-Ethiopian trade and friendship agreement in March 1905, bilateral relations have continuously deepened and expanded. Today, Ethiopia is a priority country of German development cooperation. In 2014, the two countries celebrated the 50th anniversary of their bilateral cooperation.

Through our work we aim to support Ethiopia and its citizens to make the promising development process in the country sustainable and equitable - a process that shall be conducted in a participatory way, respecting democratic values and human rights, and should increasingly be based on and supported by the private sector on both sides.

The German Embassy sees itself as a mediator and a facilitator. In addition to maintaining the political, economic and cultural relations, the traditional features of diplomatic relations, we also stand ready as point of contact for German citizens and institutions in Ethiopia as well as for those who want to engage in Ethiopia.

The African Union with its head office in Addis Ababa stands also in the center of the work of the Embassy. Germany supports the AU, particularly in its own efforts to contribute to good governance, peace and security, as well as prosperity and future-oriented resource management on the continent, through proactive and effective policy.

I appreciate your interest in the contents of our website, as well as your suggestions and comments and wish you a stimulating read.

Brita Wagener
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ethiopia

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