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09.07.2018 - Article

Welcome to Germany!

Arriving in Germany
Arriving in Germany © dpa

To enter Germany, Ethiopian and nationals of non-EU-states (except Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the USA) require visa.

The German Embassy Addis Ababa is also responsible for national visa applications (not Schengen Visa) of Djiboutain citizens.

The kind of visa depends on the length of the intended stay. Do you wish to travel to Germany for a short period (maximum of 90 days), for example as a Tourist? Or do you plan a long term stay (longer than 90 days), for example as a student?

Please choose the Duration of your intended visit: 

Short term visit (maximum 90 days, for example tourism or business)

Long term visit (more than 90 days, for example für Studium, work or Family reunion)

Online Appointment System

With effect from 1 August 2018, close relatives (spouses, single minors, and parents of minors) of persons with subsidiary protection status residing in Germany can apply for visa for family reunion. These family members may already register for an appointment on this Website:
Visa appointment for persons with subsidiary protection status

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