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28.12.2020 - Article

For long term visits longer than 90 days

Pässe mit verschiedenen Visa
Pässe mit verschiedenen Visa © Colourbox
Ethiopian and Djiboutian passport holders require a national visa (residence permit) for the following purposes:

- Family reunion
- Spouses reunion
- Join your spouse or parent who is recognized in Germany as refugee or asylum seeker
- Join your Fiancé/e
- Study at a University
- Work Permit
- Blue Card
The processing time of the Visa application depends on the necessary examinations and the involvement of additional authorities.

The National Visa is the entry visa for a long term visit for specific reason. Generally, it is issued for 90 days, under certain circumstances up to 1 year. In general, a national residence permit has to be applied for upon entering Germany.

Waiting Period for Appointments for National Visa

Family reunion to a family member who is recognized as a refugee in Gemany

You register on the reservation list in order to get an appointment for your visa application. After the successful registration, the procedure is as follows:

   1. You will receive a confirmation E-Mail containing a reference number within 30 minutes after registration;
    2. the German Embassy started cooperating with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). IOM is supporting the applicants to complete the apllications for a family reunion visa. You will be contacted by IOM via phone call or E-Mail.

   3. An appointment will be assigned by IOM. Please bring your complete documents with you for this appointment. IOM will conduct the interview and take fingerprints. 


New appointments are released at irregular intervals in the greatest number possible, and generally in order of their registration.

Due to the high demand for family reunion to a family member who is recognized as refugee or is an asylum seeker in Germany, more than 18 months may elapse between the date of registration and the notification by IOM.


Please note: Only in Ethiopia registered refugees are supposed to start the application process for family reunion to a family member, who is recognized as refugee in Germany, at IOM.

All other applications are still accepted by the German Embassy Addis Abeba directly.


After application

Due to constant high workload, processing of applications is delayed. Applications are processed in chronological order. Further processing time depends on completeness of submitted documents.

Study Visa, Work Permit, Scholarship Holders, Family Reunion (other than refugee)

Appointments for these visa are activated 4 in the appointment system weeks in advance.

The application form and all accompanying documents have to be complete and submitted as originals (see information leaflets below for more information about accompanying documents). Incomplete applications may be denied. Non-requested documents which are submitted by E-Mail or fax cannot be taken into account.

Each applicant has to appear in person.
seriously ill persons after review of each particular case.

Uniform visa fees for all categories amount to 75,-- Euro (reduction for minors). Payment is to be made in Birr (ETB) on the day of application at the visa section. Because of currency fluctuation, statements in national currency are not given. Fees are not refundable, regardless of any decision.
 The booking of an appointment and the application forms are free of charge.

Additional expenses can be incurred for the verification of documents, a DNA report, age determination, emergency travel documents and / or the application for the excemption of holding a passport. 

Online Booking of a visa appointment

To apply for a visa you need an appointment. The booking of an appointment is exclusively done by using the German Embassy’s online booking system for short term visa (Schengen-visa) as well as long term visa (3 months and longer). Please note that each applicant for a Schengen-visa or with the purpose of studies needs to book an individual appointment. For the registration of a national visa appointments for groups of up to 6 persons are possible (e.g. families). The online booking of an appointment is free of charge: Online Appointment System

Online fill-in application form

In order to prepare an application for a national visa, please use the Videx-National link to fill-in the application form and take the print out to you appointment at the Embassy.


During Process

The German Embassy processes and decides on your visa application. After a decision is taken the applicant will be contacted by the Embassy. In the meantime, please refrain from queries. 
After the process, queries of the applicant or a legal authorized representative will be answered.

Return of Passport

As soon as the Embassy has taken a decision on your visa application, you will be contacted. In general, a passport can only be collected by the applicant. Should this not be possible, an authorization can be given in writing to a representative, who will have to present its own ID along with the authorizatin letter and the visa fees reeipt..

Please check the data on your visa upon receipt of your passport. The visa states the full name, passport number, the number of days of your stay, and validity of the visa, and contains a photo.

If all data is correct, nothing stands between you and your trip to Germany. However, should you find incorrect data on your visa sticker, please inform us immediately! We will be happy to issue a new visa.

Please send any enquiries dircectly through our website using the contact form.

Please don't forget to immediately contact the Local Resident's Registration Office on arrival in Germany to arrange an appointment with the Foreigner's Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde).

There can be various reasons for a denial of your visa application. The Embassy will cite the main causes in a notice of denial.
You are welcome to apply again with complete, convincing and verifiable documents.

The Embassy wishes you safe travels!

Please find below important Information leaflets in regard to a national visa application

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