Bilateral Cultural Relations

Ethiopian Pottery Chicken

Ethiopian Pottery Chicken, © Embassy Press Department


Get informed about the rich dialogue with German culture, represented by a host of cultural institutions like the Goethe Institute, the German Embassy School, the German Academic Exchange Service as well as the German Archaeological Institute

German-Ethiopian cultural relations are wide-ranging and are based on a long tradition of German research interests  in the field of Ethiopian Studies, which are manifested in numerous university partnerships. Outstanding projects of German universities are the South Omo Research Center for research into the southern peoples of Ethiopia and the creation of a multi-volume Encyclopaedia Aethiopica by the University of Hamburg. The DAAD, which has an information office in Addis Ababa, awards numerous scholarships and several short-term and long-term lecture assignments to German scientists every year.

The Goethe-Institut in Addis Ababa was one of the first in Africa when it opened in 1962. Today it is located in the immediate vicinity of Addis Ababa University and, in addition to teaching German, its program work is particularly dedicated to the networking of culture and development. Questions of cultural identity and concepts of cultural modernization are important accents in the programs, which cover the areas of socio-political discussion, music, media, visual arts and film/theatre. Online German courses are also offered.

The German Embassy School Addis Ababa (DBSAA) was founded in 1955 and has been on the current site since 2000. The school offers classes from kindergarten to upper secondary level.

The DBSAA is a general education school. The language of instruction is German and the school aims to provide its students with an education that is geared towards German educational goals and German qualifications. Therefore, at the DBSAA, German curricula are used. At the school, pupils can obtain the Hauptschule leaving certificate, the intermediate school leaving certificate and the IB diploma (International Baccalaureate Diploma) as an equivalent to the Abitur and the right to study at all German universities.

With the protestant “Kreuzkirche”, there is a German-speaking congregation in Addis Ababa. It is associated with the EKD, but is open to members of all Christian denominations.

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