Bilateral Economic Cooperation

02.12.2022 - Article

The Ethiopian-German economic relations continue to prosper

Economic relations between Ethiopia and Germany have grown over many decades. In recent years, Germany has been one of the largest importers of coffee from Ethiopia, the country's largest export arm. The trade volume between Ethiopia and Germany is subject to fluctuations - probably also due to the current pandemic situation. Ethiopia’s exports to Germany for years mostly consist out of food items, textiles and raw materials, while vehicles, machines, electrical and measuring technology and chemical products are exported to Ethiopia from Germany. The economic growth in Ethiopia is partly driven by machines „made in Germany“.

Briquet Factory in Ethiopia
Briquet Factory© Embassy Press Department

So far, only a few German companies have established a branch in Ethiopia, but cooperation between Ethiopian and German companies is constantly growing. A bilateral trade protection agreement has existed since 2007 and improves the security of investments in the country. So far, there is no German chamber of commerce in Ethiopia. The Chamber in Nairobi, Kenya, covers Ethiopia.

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