Defence Attaché


The Defence Attaché is also cross-accredited to Djibouti and South Sudan besides Ethiopia

The Defence Attaché is the representative for the German Armed Forces in Ethiopia. In addition to Ethiopia, his area of responsibility includes Djibouti and South Sudan.

The Defence Attaché advises the Ambassador on military and security matters, as well as on relevant policy developments in the regions for which he is accredited. Another responsibility is the facilitation of cooperation between the German Federal Ministry of Defence and the Ministries of the Defence of the above-mentioned countries and the AU.

His tasks include:

- Advising the Ambassador in matters relating to defence and military capabilities

- Informing the German Government of developments of the Ethiopian security and defence policies, Armed Forces and armament

- Informing the Ethiopian government authorities and NGO’s about topics of German defence policies, Armed Forces and armament

- Coordinating of bilateral cooperation and education programmes between German and Ethiopian National Defence Forces

- Informing the public about military questions concerning the whole spectrum of the German Federal Armed Forces

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