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08.12.2022 - Article

List of supporting documents to be presented by applicants for national visas in Ethiopia

To apply for a national visa, the following documents have to be provided by the applicant. Documents that are not presented either in German or English have to be submitted together with a translation into German or English by  a certified translator.
Laminated documents are not accepted.
You are required to submit a copy of every original document provided. Incomplete applications may be denied

  1. Two completely filled and signed application forms. Please use the VIDEX long-term application form in order to speed up the application process and to reduce your waiting time.    
  2. Two recent biometrical passport photographs with a bright background (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm). The photos have to show the facial features from the chin to the hairline as well as the left and right half of the face: sample chart for passport photos
  3. A valid passport or other valid travel document as well as a copy of the first and all stamped pages. Please note that the passport/travel document has to be valid for at least three months after the end of the intended journey
  4. Ethiopian ID-Card (original and two copies)
  5. Civil birth certificate (original and two copies)
  6. Ethiopian school leaving certificate and school reports of the last four years of schooling (originals and two copies each)
  7. Letter of admission/certificate of enrolment at a German college/university (original and two copies)
  8. Proof of academic degrees (if applicable) - original and two copies
  9. Letter of motivation
  10. Proof of sufficient financial means to support yourself during your studies in Germany. The amount of €934 per month for at least one year is required. Following are three possibilities of proof:
    ⬜ formal obligation (“Verpflichtungserklärung”) or
    blocked account (original and two copies) or
    ⬜ scholarship certificate
  11. A health insurance valid for Germany for at least six months (original and two copies)
  12. Evidence (Goethe Institute Certificate, Telc, ÖSD or TOEFL / IELTS Certificate) of language proficiency in the language of study (equivalent to level B1), no matter if it is written in the acceptance letter that the language skills have already been considered in the admission procedure (original and two copies).

During the appointment, digital finger prints of all fingers will be taken.


  • Holders of scholarships from DAAD, KAAD and other German organisations do not need to provide Nos 9-11 when presenting their scholarship certificate (original and two copies).

Please find the Embassy's address here.

For questions beyond the detailed information provided on the website, please contact the visa section via the contact form.

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